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Tan Delta (IMM2000)

Tan Delta (IMM2000)

IMM2000 Online Monitoring System for insulation of capacitive equipment (Tan Delta) is highly reliable on-line monitoring equipment for continuous, real-time, on-line monitoring of dielectric loss, final screen current, and capacitance of high voltage bushings, high voltage transformers, and other power equipment. The insulation status of the equipment can be grasped in time, and according to the horizontal comparison of similar equipment, the longitudinal comparison of the same equipment, and the development trend of insulation characteristics, early detection of latent faults, early warning, and avoiding accidents.

Technical feature

System structure: hierarchical distributed system structure, modular design

Detection principle: using core-type zero-flux micro-current sensor technology, the phase error is within 2 points

Hardware platform: Based on DSP, CPLD, and high-precision synchronous AD, the all-digital, integrated on-site monitoring unit professionally measures small signals and prevents electromagnetic interference.

Data acquisition: grid frequency tracking technology, reference source synchronization technology

Data processing: Fourier spectrum analysis, multiple harmonic voltage measurements

Communication method: CAN Fieldbus communication mode is adopted between field monitoring unit and data processing server, communication is more reliable

Network protocol: support TCP/IP network protocol, support remote monitoring and remote maintenance, support IEC61850 protocol, meet the requirements of intelligent substation online monitoring and comprehensive self-management management Display mode: report mode/trend mode.

Alarm mode: There are two levels of alarm, sound and light alarm; alarm signals can be transmitted remotely.

IMM2000 system technical parameters
  • Analysis period: minimum 2 seconds, set by the user, the default is 1 hour
  • Data storage life: 10 years
  • Sensor measurement range: 50μA ~ 1000mA
  • Working environment temperature: -40 ° C ~ +55 ° C
  • Working relative humidity: 5 to 95%, no condensation
  • Working power: AC 240V ± 10%, 50HZ
  • Impact resistance: meets GB/T 14537 standard (can withstand severe grade I)
  • Anti-vibration: meets GB/T 11287 standard (can withstand severe grade I)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: meet GB/T17262, IEC61000, and Q/GDW 535-2010 standards